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Where Can Carers & Family Members Turn for Support Following a Mesothelioma Diagnosis

While being diagnosed with mesothelioma is incredibly tough for the person involved, it also has a huge impact upon their family members, especially if they’re going to be caring for them through their illness.

Caring for someone with mesothelioma is hard work, and it’s understandable that you might need help or support.

Here are a couple of the organisations which you can turn to if you are a carer or family member of someone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma UK

Mesothelioma UK is one of the main UK charities which deal specifically with mesothelioma.

This mean that they can provide you with information, support and education which is specific to your family’s case.

They also have a team of specialist nurses who are trained in working with mesothelioma patients, who are based in regional NHS hospitals.

They can also aid you and your loved one in claiming for any benefits which they might be entitled to.

They also have a list of local support groups for patients and their carers which you can see here.

MacMillan Cancer Support

MacMillan is one of the biggest cancer charities in the country and does excellent work with people who are suffering from all forms of the disease.

They’re a great resource for information regarding cancer, with resources on everything from how to manage symptoms and side effects, to practical issues such as money, work and travel.

They also offer a range of training courses to help you learn how best to support your loved one.


CarersUK is an organisation set up specifically to help those who are looking after those who are seriously ill.

They’re particularly helpful when it comes to the more complicated side of being a carer, things such as the paperwork surrounding rights and entitlement.

They have a free advice helpline which is available five days a week on 0808 808 7777, where they’re happy to give you advice on everything, whether it be form filling or just coping with emotions.

They also have a strong online community of carers where you can share your experiences of being a carer with others from around the country and a team of local ambassadors who work to put local carers in touch with one another.

Carers UK is also at the forefront of campaigning for more help for carers and achieving new rights.

Carer’s Trust

The Carer’s Trust is another organisation specifically for carers and have a UK-wide network of partner services to support them.

They also have an extensive network of support specifically for young carers, who face a whole set of unique challenges.

They provide emotional and practical support, as well as offering to provide care so that you can take a well-earned break at times.

If you are a carer of someone who is suffering from mesothelioma and they haven’t yet sought compensation, be sure to give us a call for free here at Asbestos Advice Helpline for advice and support and to talk through your options.

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