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Mrs C & Mrs W

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful service you gave my late father and to myself and my mother. A big thank you. My dad worked hard all his life, to be paid back with this terrible heartbreaking disease. He suffered for three and a half years, and no amount of money will bring him back, but he died thinking we will all be looked after.”


“You were very easy to communicate with and dealt with the claim with great professionalism. I was kept fully informed at all times.”

Mrs M

“Thank you so much for your help. It means so much to me and my family to finish what my dad had started.”

Miss S

“I would like to thank you for your hard work and determination in dealing with my claim. After my partner died of lung cancer in 2007, I wanted to carry out his wishes by continuing with his claim for lung cancer by negligent exposure to asbestos. The team made it easy for me to continue the case. You took it on after it had been rejected by another firm of solicitors in 2007. Since that time the Defendants have tried to resist my claim, but time after time you served to be purposeful and effective. I have been kept up to date and the advice given to me was clear and concise. I am so pleased with the result having previously been informed that there was no hope of success. I appreciate your dedication and hard work and for sticking with the case. In October 2011 the claim was settled (without the need to attend a trial). I can’t thank you enough.”

Mr W

“Thank you for all the work you have done on my behalf. I am still overwhelmed by the amount of compensation you have negotiated. I draw comfort from the fact that my family will have no money worries in the future, which is all down to you.”

Mrs B

“Helpful, sensitive, efficient and friendly advice and service at all times.”

Mr C

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your support with my case. My family and I are very pleased with the outcome and without your efforts we would not have been successful… Over the months I feel we have gained a mutual friendship and I fully appreciate all your support on both a personal and a professional basis. It has made a significant difference.”

Mrs M

“The service I received was first class. Very professional and caring and I was kept up-to-date with the claim from start to finish.”

Mr S

“A really polite, courteous and professional service. Many thanks once again.”

Mr W

“I could not have hoped for a more friendly but very professional service than the one I received over a period of three years.”

Mrs J

“I can’t thank your team enough. You were so professional in everything you did for me. You were so patient with me at every stage as I couldn’t always think straight. I would certainly recommend you highly.”

Mr S

“I just wanted to thank you for achieving the final result. Although, as you say, the process has taken a while we have nevertheless achieved all the objectives we set which makes it all worth the time and effort. It is difficult to believe that we have achieved such a satisfactory result at no financial cost to my brother and I. On behalf of us both, I would like to thank you and your team very sincerely for that.”

Mr C

“I must say we are both staggered at not only you succeeding in a claim of any sort (as you know I never did believe I had a snowballs chance in hell) and at the amount you have obtained on my behalf. We cannot thank you enough.”

Mr B

“Just to thank you deeply on behalf of the whole family. I wish we had met under different circumstances, but you have been amazing.”

Mrs D

“Just wanted you to know that I’m very grateful for all you did in regard to my case and all the work you put in is much appreciated. It was over a year ago now that the case was settled but again thank you so much.”

Mrs G

“You all do such a good job and make such a difference to people’s lives.”

Mrs A

“On behalf of T thank you very much again for your help.”

Mrs Z

“Thank you for all that you have done in such a personal and sensitive manner.”

Mrs D

“Just wanted to write to let you know just how much I appreciate all the work you have put into my case since you took over. I am now looking forward to being able to try and put this all behind me. I am more than happy at the way this has finished and am glad that I came to your firm as if it was not for your help I would not have gained this result. You have changed my life for the better.”

Mr L

“Just to say thank you for all your hard work it was much appreciated.”

Mrs W

“Thank you for all your support and kindness. Your good advice and professional manner in dealing with B’s and then my claim. No one could wish for better than you. You were always so understanding and it helped me a lot to have those little chats on the phone! I will not hesitate in recommending you in the future!”

Mrs S

“A very professional, yet friendly and approachable service. Respectful of our difficult circumstances. Thank you.”

Mr C

“An excellent service, with superb outcome!”

Mrs D

“The final outcome of my case has proved completely satisfactory, far exceeding my initial expectations.”

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