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Successful Outcome For Mesothelioma Sufferer’s Family

We have been instructed by Mrs H, a daughter and executrix of the estate of Mr R who sadly died of mesothelioma.

Exposure to asbestos

Mr R was a pipefitter/maintenance engineer and was exposed to high levels of asbestos during his career. He was exposed to asbestos by four different employers. He had to cut and remove old pipes which needed to be repaired which were covered with asbestos lagging. He used a handsaw and this created a lot of dust. He would do all the clearing up afterwards which involved sweeping the factory floor which was covered with asbestos creating clouds of dust.

Mr R was not provided with any adequate breathing apparatus or any other form of personal protective equipment to protect him from asbestos dust. He was also required to repair leaking steam and water pipes. Sometimes he prepared asbestos lagging himself by mixing the asbestos in a bucket with water and then applying the asbestos lagging to the new pipes. He also used asbestos string on bolts which were attached to the pipes.

Investigation of the claim

Mr R sadly died within one month of his diagnosis of mesothelioma. We have managed to trace the employer’s liability insurers and have managed to obtain early admission of liability from the Defendants and have secured an early interim payment for the client in the sum of £50,000.00. The matter settled out of court in excess of £130,000.00 gross.

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