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Settlement For Pleural Thickening Diagnosis

I was instructed by Mr B who had been diagnosed with pleural thickening.

Mr B left school at the age of 15 and, after undertaking an apprenticeship, he qualified as an electrician.

He went to work for a company called Air Control Installations which was a large ventilation company.   He worked on ventilation duct work, sealing the joints using asbestos rope.   He worked in various large factories fitting the ventilation duct work.  Every joint was sealed using asbestos rope.  He also had to help pipefitters remove old pipework which was lagged with asbestos.  He worked in and around workmen who were mixing up new asbestos lagging and applying it.

He later worked for Carrier-Ross Engineering Limited.  Again he was fitting the ventilation systems and using asbestos rope as a sealant.  He also fitted asbestos rope between the asbestos tiles lining the ceilings of various buildings.

Mr B developed breathing difficulties.  He underwent an x-ray during an admission to hospital and it was discovered that the lining of his lungs had been affected by the asbestos, and he was suffering from pleural thickening.

On the instructions of Mr B I brought an action against his two former employers.  They strenuously fought the claim after Court proceedings were issued against them.  The matter proceeded for some time and eventually settled two days before a Trial which was due to take place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London.   Mr B was pleased with the outcome of his settlement.

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