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Compensation For Former Fitter With Asbestos Related Lung Cancer

We were instructed by Mr B to investigate a claim for compensation following his diagnosis of asbestos-related lung cancer. We immediately went to visit Mr B to take a statement from him regarding his exposure to asbestos.

Mr B sadly died shortly after making his statement and his family took over his claim. No post mortem was undertaken and therefore Mr B’s lung tissue could not be examined to detect the presence of asbestos fibres. We therefore relied upon Mr B’s history of asbestos exposure to prove that his lung cancer was associated with his asbestos exposure. 

Mr B worked as an Apprentice Fitter and then a Fitter for British Rail between 1946 and 1953, 1955 to 1960 and 1962/63 until 1995. He was exposed to substantial quantities of asbestos dust during his employment removing asbestos lagging from the steam pipes of the steam engines. He also worked in close proximity to laggers reapplying asbestos lagging to the steam pipes. During his employment Mr B had frequent and substantial exposure to asbestos dust.

We obtained a medical report on Mr B’s lung cancer from a respiratory expert in asbestos related disease. He confirmed that Mr B’s lung cancer was caused by his asbestos exposure and past smoking history.

We settled Mr B’s claim on behalf of his family for £85,000 gross.

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