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Compensation for Asbestos Related Pleural thickening for Former Plumber

Specialist industrial disease team succeeded in recovering £15,000 compensation for Mr L who developed diffuse pleural thickening as a result of exposure to asbestos during his work as a plumber. He worked initially for East Ham Council (now London Borough of Newham) when he recalled drilling asbestos water tanks in order to remove them from residential council properties. He then worked for Matthew Hall & Co Limited where we worked alongside laggers mixing and applying asbestos to boilers. He then spent over 20 years as a fitter for Unilock fitting partition walls in office buildings. This involved stripping out old fittings including ceiling tiles which were often asbestos containing materials.

It was agreed between the experts that Mr L had developed pleural plaques and diffuse pleural thickening which they agreed was caused by asbestos exposure and was causing 5% respiratory disability with a risk that this might worsen over time.

The claim was settled by the three employers in proportion to the years of exposure. The claim was settled on a full and final settlement basis taking into account the future risks.

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