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£200,000 Awarded To Mrs. K From South Eastern Electricity Board

One of our team of expert solicitors acted for a woman in relation to her husband’s death due to mesothelioma

Her husband had begun to feel unwell in May 2007, further deteriorating in June 2007. He saw his GP at the end of June and following endoscopies and scans he was diagnosed with asbestos related cancer, later confirmed as mesothelioma. He lost 1 ½ stones in weight in 6 weeks and sadly died from his condition in December 2007.

He had been exposed to asbestos when he worked at the South Eastern Electricity Board, now known as EDF Energy Plc, as an apprentice and then as a commercial electrician. Working on renovations of converted buildings he would regularly have to drill into walls and floors which contained asbestos sound proofing in order to run cables through the buildings.

He had also been exposed when he was employed by Ashland Electrics Limited as an electrician and was subcontracted out to carry out the re-wiring of various London stations including Liverpool Street Station and Stratford Stations. This involved him climbing into the ceiling voids of the station offices through suspended ceilings which were made of old asbestos and drilling and cutting through the asbestos.

The corporate history of both companies was successfully traced and, as Ashland Electrics Limited was a dissolved company we made an application to the Court to restore the company to the Register. We also managed to trace the Employer’s Liability Insurers for Ashland Electrics Limited.

An interim payment was secured totalling £50,000 in October 2008 and May 2009 and the case successfully settled for£200,000 in August 2009.

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