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£15,000 Awarded To Mr X For Asbestosis Claim

We were instructed by Mr X, a lifelong non smoker, in 2008 but upon review of his medical records his diagnosis turned out to be pleural plaques, which is no longer a compensatable condition. In February 2011 Mr X contacted us again having been advised to see a solicitor. we requested up to date medical records which recorded Mr X was now suffering from asbestosis. An independent medical expert confirmed that Mr X suffered from asbestosis with a 5-10% respiratory disability split equally between IHD and asbestosis.

Following the issue of Court proceedings, Mr X’s claim settled against 2 of the 3 Defendants on a provisional damages basis and subsequently against the final Defendant essentially on a full and final basis.

Mr X now has the benefit of being able to return for further sums from the Second and Third Defendants if necessary in the future.

The Claimant’s claim settled for an overall gross valuation of £15,000.

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