Asbestos Claims & Asbestos Compensation

Recent statistics show that 1% of all UK men over the age of 40 have been affected by asbestos and are eligable for asbestos compensation should they make an asbestos claim.

Asbestos is a mineral which occurs naturally and is still mined in some parts of the world. 2 million fibres can fit on a pin head and can cause fatal diseases ranging from Mesothelioma and Asbestosis, to Lung Cancer and Pleural Thickening.

Mesothelioma: Mesothelioma may be caused by breathing
in just 1 fibre of asbestos. It is an aggressive fatal form of
terminal cancer and there is no cure. [Read More]
Asbestosis: This is usually caused by exposure to large
amounts of asbestos fibres and results in coughing and
wheezing due to the lungs inability to supply sufficient oxygen. [Read More]
Lung Cancer: Cancerous tumours can develop from asbestos
exposure. Dust compounded by heavy smoking can result in
coughing, phlegm and loss of appetite. [Read More]
Pleural Thickening: Dust can cause the lining of the
lungs (the pleura) to thicken. This can cause shortness in breath
and tightening of the chest. [Read More]
Pleural Plaques: This is where the lining of the lungs has been
scarred due to asbestos exposure. There are generally no
symptoms and this condition is not life threatening. [Read More]

Following a recent decision in the House of Lords, you cannot claim asbestos compensation for Pleural Plaques unless the Pleural Plaques are causing symptoms.

Asbestos was used for many purposes as it has useful qualities. It is flame resistant, a good insulator and acid resistant but people who worked with it are at risk. If you worked in the following industries you may have been exposed to asbestos:

The most common uses of asbestos were paste for lagging pipe work and boards to create fire walls.

You May Be Entitled To Asbestos Compensation

If you are suffering from asbestos related conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer or Pleural thickening, please contact the Asbestos Advice Helpline NOW as you may be entitled to asbestos compensation if you make a claim. We want to help you receive the compensation you are due if you have developed diseases caused by asbestos exposure.

Asbestos related conditions such as mesothelioma, asbestosis, lung cancer or pleural thickening take a long time to develop, but if your health has deteriorated due to negligence and asbestos exposure, your case does not expire; many of our clients are over 50 years old and even retired and have been awarded compensation because they are suffering harm from exposure to asbestos during their working life. Even if the company or insurer responsible no longer exists, you are still eligible and we will make a claim to pursue the compensation you deserve.

All of the asbestos claims that we receive are taken very seriously and dealt with promptly. Many of our previous clients, particularly in cases of mesothelioma, have received their compensation within 6 months of making their original asbestos claim. The first step is to determine liability, which means our panel of asbestos solicitors will thoroughly investigate to determine when you were exposed to asbestos in your working life and to track down the employer and insurer responsible.

Asbestos Claims Are Made On A ‘No Win No Fee’ Basis

When liability is determined, we will arrange for your compensation claim to be made on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. This means that the legal costs are taken from the employer or company involved; this gives you compensation that you deserve. Our advice is, impartial and confidential, which can give you the confidence to claim against the negligence of former employers.


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Mesothelioma - £168,000

Steelworks fitter/turner, aged 71, Lancashire, developed mesothelioma, claim settled for £168,000 within 6 months of instruction.

Mesothelioma - £120,000

Pipe fitter, heavy industry, aged 78, South England, developed mesothelioma, claim settled within 6 months for £120,000.

Asbestosis - £30,000

Asbestos factory worker, aged 79, South East England, developed asbestosis, claim settled for £30,000

Mesothelioma - £87,500

Post room messenger in warehouse aged 84, Telford, developed fatal mesothelioma, claim settled within 6 months for £87,500.